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Meridian was established in 1967 and is highly regarded in the tyre industry. The company was largely responsible for setting up the original ‘British Standard’ for repairing tyres in those early days and has played an active role in improving standards of tyre repair generally in recent years. We repair for several tyre manufacturers and are accredited by them; our processes are audited on a regular basis by them.

Both companies are fully insured and have Product Liability Insurance of £2m. All repairs carried out under ‘Full Guarantee’ are covered by Product Liability Insurance. The guarantee does not apply when failure is due to under- or over-inflation, overloading, misuse or further additional damage. Commercial and car road tyres will normally be repaired to the current British Standard. All tyres are inspected at our works prior to commencement of any repair work. Off-road tyres, including implement, tractor and earthmover tyres with more extensive damage may be repaired, subject to our approval, with a limited guarantee only provided their future use is agreed with responsible representatives of our customers. Those repairs would be marked ‘LG’ and would not be covered by Product Liability Insurance.

We reserve the right to refuse to repair tyres which we consider unsafe or unsuitable for further use. Such tyres are returned free of charge with an inspection report issued by our works stating the reason why. However, we are often able to repair tyres which have been rejected by other companies because of the training and expertise of our staff and the continual updating of the equipment, repair procedure and products. All car and commercial tyres are pressure tested following repair at no extra cost prior to being returned to the customer. For a small charge tyres can be pressure tested only, for customers.

If you would like any additional information regarding any of the services listed above then please feel free to call 01179372139 or visit our contact page to get in touch with us via

All tyres need to be removed from wheels prior to collection and guidance as to whether a tyre is repairable can be given by the driver/rep who collects the tyre. We provide a weekly free collection and delivery service whereby tyres collected on a particular day are returned on the same day the following week. However, many customers choose to bring their tyres to our premises in order to speed up the process and if they also choose to collect them with their own transport, this means that certain tyres, on equipment which is ‘down’ due to the damaged tyre, can be repaired in a very short space of time. Enquiries welcome from tyre distributors, commercial fleet owners, plant and agricultural contractors, for Major Repairs.

For details of our collection area, please refer to the map under ‘Location and Contact’.

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